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Customs Freight Simplified Procedures (CFSP)

Online declarations and management

Overview of CFSP

Community legislation makes provision for EU Member States to make available Simplified Procedures. Customs Freight Simplified Procedures (CFSP) are designed to provide greater flexibility to UK businesses engaged in third country imports by moving fiscal and statistical controls inland.

CFSP allows authorised traders to gain accelerated removal or release of most third country imports by making a simplified declaration containing the minimum of details at the frontier.

Our Online Management Solution

Our CFSP bolt-on module for GTA offers easy management of customs procedures for traders authorised by HMRC.

Manage your compliance using the shipment data you have created in GTA , the S8 (Departed) Message is the only document HMRC will accept as legal evidence your goods have left the U.K. and the shipper no longer being liable for tax, duties and dumping. Manage shipment’s customs clearance statuses individually or produce an audit report by date range.

CFSP – Simplified Procedures
  • SFD - Simplified Frontier Declaration.
  • SDI - Supplementary Declaration Import.
  • SDW -Supplementary Declaration Warehouse.
  • FSD - Final Supplementary Declaration.
CFSP – Advantages Include
  • Gain accelerated release of goods from Customs at the (air)port or at an inland clearance depot, subject to anti-smuggling checks.
  • Use one or more of the simplified procedures in combination with normal entry and warehouse procedures to suit the needs of a company's business.
  • Submit most frontier declarations (including UK Transit) and all SDs by electronic means resulting in paperless trading and reduced documentation.
  • Build a partnership with Customs so that assurance visits are cost effective, selected on the basis of risk and test the completeness of internal controls.

Why Use Our CFSP Module
  • Reduce forwarding costs
  • Retain knowledge in-house
  • Take control of your customs procedures
  • Speed up declaration processing
Need to Register With HMRC?
To use CFSP services you will need to register with HMRC to get an EORI number.
Follow the link to our guide below to find out more about what an EORI number is and how to get one.
HMRC Registration Guide