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Customs Declaration Service (CDS)

Overview of CDS

A Customs declaration is required for all goods that are either exported or imported. CDS is an electronic based system which allows importers and exporters to lodge a customs declaration with HMRC Customs before the goods leave or enter the UK. Up until March 2002 Customs declarations were paper based. After this date a phased implementation program was introduced and now all declarations have to be cleared electronically before shipment can take place. The option to submit a paper declaration - C88 Single Administrative Document (SAD) is now only available for standard full pre-entry procedures at the frontier.

Our Online Management Solution

Our CDS Import and Export & CDS Reports bolt-on modules for GTA offers customs clearance declarations and status report management.

Manage your compliance using the shipment data you have created in GTA the Departed Message is the only document HMRC will accept as legal evidence your goods have left the U.K. and the shipper no longer being liable for tax, duties and dumping. Manage shipment’s customs clearance statuses individually or produce an audit report by date range

CDS – Send data to HMRC from GTA to obtain Customs Clearance
  • Required for goods shipped to and from the UK.
  • Supports LCP, SDP, and Full Declaration.
  • Automatic allocation of DUCR.
  • Amendments and cancellations.
  • Handles MUCR.
CDS Reports – GTA is updated automatically with customs clearance status updates from HMRC.
  • Used for goods shipped outside the EU.
  • Legal proof goods have left U.K. shores.
  • Individual shipment automatic updates.
  • Reports individually or by date range.

CDS Module Features
  • Submit and monitor import and export declarations
  • Copy previous shipments/declarations
  • Print or save declarations as PDF
  • Receive shipment report data from HMRC
Why Use Our CDS Module
  • Reduce forwarding costs
  • Retain knowledge in-house
  • Take control of your tariff codes
  • Speed up declaration processing
Need to Register With HMRC?

To use CDS services you will need to register with HMRC to get an EORI number.
Follow the link to our guide below to find out more about what an EORI number is and how to get one.
HMRC Registration Guide