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SGS offers a range of software aimed directly at businesses involved with international trade, with customers ranging from manufacturers to chambers of commerce. We also offer software development skills to design, develop and deliver bespoke software that meets your business demands.

We have our own in house help desk and technical support team which can offer support for any of our products or support directly for your business technical support.
None of our products require a client install, so there aren't any installation woes. You can register and start using eConsign or eCert immediately on either the tfs.sgs.com or ecert.sgs.com/uk web sites and the software will run through your internet browser.

eGTA also runs through your internet browser, as an enterprise product the main application must be hosted on a network server which can be either our private cloud servers or your own business servers.
All of our products are extensively tested against all the leading internet web browsers including, MS Edge, MS IE11, FireFox, Google Chrome and Safari.
Each of our products have pricing modules to help suit your business.

eGTA can offered as a subscription service at a level to match your business demands OR you can purchase the software under license and install it on your own servers, POA.

eCert is free to use for all businesses and you will be charged the usual fee from the chamber of commerce for the certified documents you decide to order.

eConsign is offered as a Pay-As-You-Go solution which is free to sign-up and start using, you will only need to pay once you're ready to receive the completed documents or make a declaration to HMRC.
To make sure you've got support when you need it, we offer multiple options for you to get in touch;

EMAIL us at support.i2i@sgs.com this email address is monitored 24/7/365.

ONLINE Live Chat, this option is available on the tfs.sgs.com or ecert.sgs.com/uk web sites and is manned Mon-Thur 08:00 to 18:00 and Fri 08:00 to 17:00.

TELEPHONE, +44 (0)1749 345 007, our help desk is available Mon-Thur 08:00 to 18:00 and Fri 08:00 to 17:00.
Both our eGTA and eCert software have business interfaces so you can send data directly from your business system. We have worked with many ERP systems including, MS Dynamics AX, SAP, EPICOR TROPOS, EPICOR ERP, SAGE, BPCS, EFACS, Oracle and more.
SGS is focused on maintaining privacy and the security of our customer data, so all of our systems are developed using the latest technologies and techniques to ensure that robust and reliable solutions are offered. Our products and systems also have a program of regular update scheduling to ensure there is maximum compliance with the latest security measures.
If you need support for more than just our products then contact us so we can discuss your IT support needs and find a package that can work for your business.