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Our Mission

Build the best software,
provide uncompromising support
and lead technology for international trade

SGS (previously i2i) has been developing and delivering software for businesses involved in international trade since 1986.

We have a huge amount of experience with companies exporting goods around the world and we have helped to streamline the export office by using technical innovations to produce advanced software solutions.


What Our Customers Say

  • It’s the best project we’ve ever done. Delivered on-time, on budget. We have found that the support provided by i2i is available straight away when we need it; by phone or email, it’s friendly, sympathetic, patient and usually always provides a prompt solution to let us carry on despatching.

    Ronnie ReidData Integrity / HMRC Compliance
  • We’ve used i2i Infinity’s eCert system for many years to process applications for Certificates of Origin, preference documents and ATA Carnet’s. i2i always keep the system in-line with the latest regulations and country specific rules. Customers find the system very easy to use and often without any assistance from us.

    David HarrisDocumentation Manager
  • The international trade team at DCCI encourage all exporters to apply for their export documents online, using the eCert system. The platform is easy to use and highly intuitive, allowing exporters to complete commonly requested forms such as Certificates of Origin, ATA Carnets and preference certificates. It is has proved to be an invaluable tool when explaining documentary requirements, and supplements our overall support for businesses looking to export for the first time. The team at i2i are great to work with and are very supportive to the team and customers alike, highly responsive to feedback and even going so far as running training workshops for new exporters.

    Rob BoothHead of International Trade
  • Our business recently moved from a stand-alone GTA package to the online version. The transition was made very simple with the support and guidance of the i2i team. Any questions were quickly answered and the whole process was implemented smoothly and efficiently. We all find the online software easy to negotiate and i2i provide regular updates and upgrades to make the process of creating export documentation slick and accurate for all users.

    Hayley BridgeBespoke Desk Manager
  • We deployed the i2i eGTA Export Documentation system as part of our European Epicor Tropos ERP system installation. The training provided by i2i was comprehensive and well documented, and has been backed up with a knowledgeable and friendly support team. Since the install and going live we have been kept up to date of legislative changes and always given timely notification of updates and routine maintenance that will be applied to the system.

    Robert KirkpatrickERP Business Systems Manager
    API Group
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